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Using Commercial Use Products On Your Personal Pages – With Samplers!

Using Commercial Use Products In Your Personal LayoutsI started out as a scrapbooking. Paper, first, then digital. I never thought I would design, and for a long time when I saw ads and promotions for commercial use (CU) products, I thought to myself ‘that’s not for me’ and I scrolled on by.

I’m here to tell you that commercial use products are very much for you!

(Are you already a CU fan? Then you may want to skip all of this and check out my Design Steal!)

Just because you can use them to make things to sell, doesn’t mean you must use them to make things to sell. You can use them to personalize your scrapbooking stash in endless ways.

Here’s a quick rundown of ideas of the top of my head (this is by far and away not an exhaustive list!)

  • add textures to papers in kits – even though they are already textured (usually) when you add a texture as a layer, you can even use the same paper twice on one page and it looks like two different papers
  • add brushwork to papers – this is a quick and easy way to turn a solid paper into a patterned paper! Perfect for those time when you love the colour of a solid in your stash but just wish you had it as a pattern, too. You can do tone on tone or monochromatic – whatever you fancy.
  • fill out elements in a kit – raise your hand if you have a kit that you love but it just doesn’t have everything you want! Need a journal tag? Grab a CU template and clip some papers to it from the kit and you have an instant, matching journal tag. The options are endless.
  • add texture to your photos – yes! This is a thing! and it looks awesome. Try it.
  • add depth and dimension to your pages – there are endless brushes, grunge overlays, edges, and more that you can add to your page in endless ways for added depth and dimension. Play with colours, play with blend modes, and eventually you land on something you just love.
  • add depth, glitter, sparkly and more with style sets – I put most of my style sets into my personal use store as well as my CU store simply because these are one of the easiest things for scrappers to dig into. They are as simple as clicking a button. You can find styles for glitter, paper texture, epoxy, glass, ice, metals and so, so much more.

And that’s just the beginning. Trust me, I know that looking at pages of what are often greyscale CU products can be confusing but once you try a few, you’ll see how much fun they are. There are heaps of tutorials all over the internet on how to use them, including many on the blog at Digital Scrapbooking Studio.

I asked my Creative Team to play with my recent Design Steal, as none of them are designers and I wanted to see what scrapbooker would do with them. Here are a few examples:

Digital Scrapbooking Layout Mad Genius Designs

On this layout, Crystal used Edge Genius Volume 10 (available in Design Steal #1) on the edges. She coloured it to match the red papers in the rest of the kit. This really made the white paper pop. Crystal made the rest of this layout with my December Daily 2014 collection.









Digital Scrapbooking Layout Mad Genius Designs

Here, Crystal darkened the edges of the brown paper with Edge Genius Volume 12 (also available in Design Steal #1). See how it makes the brown paper have more depth? Now, I made that particular brown paper so I can say I loved it before, too, but I really love how the edge sets give you the option to change things up. You could achieve a similar effect with brushes around the edges of the page. And speaking of brushes, see that gold loopy thing on the left, under the reindeer? Crystal made that by clipping one of the gold cards from my December Daily 2014 collection to one of the brushes in Brush genius Volume 29 (also available in Design Steal #1). Crystal made the rest of this layout with my December Daily 2014 collection.






Digital Scrapbooking Layout Mad Genius Designs
This gorgeous layout was created by Lynette with my Let’s Fall In Collection. On the top right, you can see where she used Brush genius Volume 28 (also available in Design Steal #1) to add a grungy flower under the heart element. I always include PNG files in my brush sets, so in this case Lynette used the PNG and clipped one of the papers from the kit to it, which is how she got it to be patterned. So cool!









Do you feel inspired? Do you want to try this out? Well I have a couple of things here that will get you started. Below you will find one edge set and one brush sampler set. Download, try them out, and see what you think! And if you love them, remember that my Design Steal is on for 80% off until February 15th, which means this an excellent time to pick up 15 products for an 80% savings!


Mad Genius Designs Digital Scrapbooking Commercial Use Brush Sampler Mad Genius Designs Digital Scrapbooking Commercial Use Brush Sampler







Using Commercial Use Products On Your Personal PagesDesign Steal by Mad Genius Designs

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