December Daily 2017

December Daily 2017 Day 3

Mad Genius Designs December Daily 2017 Digital pocket scrapbooking freebieDay 3 is here! And look Pam, more purple! My goal is to make a set of cards that’s not just Christmassy – though there is definitely going to be Christmas cards too. We don’t just do Christmas stuff all month, so hopefully the blues and yellows and purples will make for a versatile group of cards you can use for the whole month.

Thanks Molly, for your kind words. You are correct depression is awful but I’m so glad to be leaving it behind.

Today was another adventure for us – I had an ear doctor appointment (not the fun part) so the kids had to come into the city and hang at the park with Daddy (the fun part) and then we went to IKEA (surprisingly also fun). Then I realized I hadn’t brought my own set of house keys so we got home an hour and a half before Daddy and had to hang out in Starbucks. I was so glad I had bought a small train track at IKEA! I don’t know else I’d have gotten through that LOL.

Here’s some points I’ll keep on every post this month:

  • I’m doing a a pocket scrapping format because that’s how I’ve been scrapping lately. I do have papers, elements, and alphas that are coming into my store probably mid month.
  • Days 1 through 5 will be left up until December 7th to give people a chance to find me. After that, each day will be left up for 2 days. Each day will go into my store once they are no longer free.
  • I won’t respond to requests to give you days you have missed. I feel my two day posting time is generous, as is my first 5 days being up extra time.
  • I am a busy mom of 4 – I dont guarantee I will post daily. I definitely will get you all 31 gifts, but in the past it has taken me into January so please be patient.


This freebie has expired. Check my store soon!

Onward to another adventure (ie: tomorrow).




2 Responses to “December Daily 2017 Day 3”

  1. I love that you are using a variety of colors & not just the traditional red/greens, silver or gold. Sometimes the outfits worn in the photos need a boost of other colors — & I do love the purple! :) Thanks so much, Jewel!!

    Posted by Pam K | December 4, 2017, 10:28 pm
  2. Thanks for Day 3! Ha ha ha .. I can relate to the key issue .. when I was looking after kids, I locked the keys in the boot 3 times in about 4 months!! So frustrating :( At the time I was looking after my nephew who’s autistic with severe language disorder, and my mother with alzheimers so life was pretty hectic. I learnt after the 3rd time to never ever let the keys out of my hands he he he. Glad it wasn’t too dramatic and the kids had something to play with!!

    Posted by Molly | December 5, 2017, 2:29 am

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