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December Daily Giveaway Day Twenty Five

December Daily 2014 Day Twenty Five by Mad Genius DesignsMy site has been down three times tonight. Each time I get on with live chat and they fix it right away, and they are always vague about what happened ‘something in the server but I fixed it.’ I don’t know if this means that I’m lucky because I get prompt service or that I’m unlucky because the site keeps going down. I haven’t really had hosting before so I don’t know if this is normal or not. Let me know how your hosting is?

I’ll be heading to my mother in law’s on New Year’s Eve for a few days. I am not sure what to expect from the internet there. I would love to get all the minis out to you before i go, but given that I still have to pack and do fun things like wash all the diapers and take out all the garbage so the house doesn’t get smelly while we’re gone AND I have to go into work for a couple of hours tomorrow, I don’t see that happening. So, if I can’t upload anything (that’s my worry) I will just design like a mad woman and do all my uploading when we get back Sunday.

And here is day 25 – we’re almost there!

Just a reminder – if you love this 2014 collection you will love the 2012 collection too! Now available at 65% off. The 2012 collection has 76 papers, 228 elements, 22 alphas, 16 dating sets and a mega pack of journal strips, tags, and word titles.

Here’s the scoop (no need to read this if you’ve read it before): I’ll post a mini for every day between now and the 31st. They’ll be a mix of Christmas theme and day-to-day theme so you can use them even if you don’t celebrate Christmas. I can’t promise I’ll always be on time but I will post them all. I’ll leave each up for 2 days and then I’ll move them to my store. Two days should give you lots of time to download. Along the way there will be extras on social media or in my newsletter.

Each expired days of the giveaway will be available in my store. Each day is on sale for $1, and each week will be bundle up for additional savings. You can find the week one bundle here. You can find the week two bundle here.

I’ve also added some extras – some are things I made while I was deigning (like the alphas I’ve been using for the words) and some are things I think will be great additions to the kit (like simple solids and additional alphas and elements). The extras are all on sale for 50% off. Each week there will be 4 extra sets and I’ll also bundle those 4 for additional savings. You can find the week one extras bundle here. You can find the week two extras bundle here.

And if you’ve missed the entire first week and want all 7 days PLUS the extras, I’ll have a super big bundle for each week that includes all the minis plus the extras. You can find week one big bundle here. You can find week two big bundle here.

Sale prices will continue through January 15th.

I’ll admit, I’ve been neglecting my Pinterest board of Christmas digital freebies. I should check it out to see what I’ve been missing. Maybe you should too!

In case my site goes down again, or anything else goes wrong (like a typo on a journal card!) you can always contact me on Facebook.



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