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Alpha Advent Day 20

Free Digiscrap AlphaToday my small city is blanketed in snow – cold, fluffy, fun, and dangerously slippery.  Snow makes children grin and long to jump around and throw snowballs, and it makes car drivers quake in their boots.  I’m happy that for us, for this year, there is no shoveling required *tee hee* it’s one of the benefits of living in a managed condo.  We are in for a cold snap for the next few days, so I’m also thankful for my very good windows!  No air leakage – when I close them and turn on the heaters it warms up quickly in here!  Last year we had to put up plastic and the windows still leaked air and it was cold cold cold all winter.  I’m so glad to be here!

I’m slowly going to chip away at Alpha Advent – After today there’s five more to go!

This alpha is the last in my ‘board’ series (wood, cardboard, chipboard.)  Let me know if you like it!

*download expired*

All alphas will be up for at least 48 hours, and then they will find their way into my store. Hope you enjoy, and I’ll see you soon !

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